Is "made in China" killing us?

June 5, 2012

When I was growing up, Made in Japan meant poorly made goods. Cheap stuff. Low quality.

As time passed, though, somehow the Japanese turned that around, becoming a paragon of quality management and a model for other manufacturers to follow.

China’s not following the same path and it’s a serious problem. Cheap labor there has meant shoddy manufacturing and management decisions based on price, not quality.

And  safety and health are big issues across the board for products made in China. For workers and for those who consume Chinese goods.

Living creatures–we and our pets–are at risk of being poisoned. In fact, we ARE being poisoned.  From drugs, pet food and treats, to tainted seafood, toothpaste and drywall, baby’s milk powder and herbal supplements: the trend is unmistakable.

The links below are frightening:

Pet food and chews.
And so many more, there’s a watchlist.

China’s capitalism is new and it’s unfettered and dangerous.

Here’s the bottom line: Life is cheap in China, or at least to many Chinese manufacturers. And it’s OUR lives that are cheap. Their exports are killing us and our pets and since we apparently can’t withdraw from trade with them, we need to make sure that the consumables we buy aren’t Chinese-made.

It’s hard to do, because companies are crafty about labeling. Try to find a “made in…” label. Let’s be clear: “Distributed in” is not the same as “Made in.”  And just about everything is made in China these days.

When I buy foodstuff for us or our pets, I’ll only buy if it has a Made in label and I can be sure it’s not made in China.

If a Chinese-made athletic shoe falls apart, I can return it to the store. But if I feed my family, friends or pet tainted food, it could be fatal.

No Chinese consumables in this household. How about yours?

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