The graveyard that’s Page 2 of Google

July 10, 2013

This is scarily true.  Who even looks at page two of Google search results? Hardly anyone.   We’re lazy, basically, and digging takes too much effort. Today, digging means a second click: two is one click too many.  Yep, we’re that lazy.

The same is true of assessing people. Some people have a really fabulous front end. Maybe they’re drop dead attractive. Have all the accoutrements of success. Are the ultimate romantic. Or super-professional.  You know the kind–looking good.  And because we’re lazy (partly, at least), we don’t get to page 2 of Google.  But that’s where all the best stuff is.

The other day I was doing some research on an organization that I wasn’t sure was legit.  They had done a masterful job of search engine optimization–no matter what search terms I chose, Google sent me to only the most positive information about the organization. SEO so effective it circumvented my attempts to get a true assessment of the organization. I had to hand it to them–great job of protecting a reputation.

But one or two honest reviews broke through.

The same is true of people. Look past that sexy front end. All that stuff we want to believe is 100% true.  Get to page 2 of Google–and even further— before you make a decision about them.



2 comments on “The graveyard that’s Page 2 of Google
  1. Yes! In assessing both organizations and people we need to go past the surface. Many people look amazing until you get to the next layer.

  2. All that glitters, beauty is only skin deep, so many of these right ….

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