It’s all small stuff

June 9, 2009

FLH sent me this, yesterday. And he’s right.

I’m always crabby if I’m seriously sleep-deprived, and between being sick and all the things going on, I’ve hand insufficient rest.

(But I’m still never going to think Twitter is an intelligent use of time.)

The big stuff is that FLH arrives TOMORROW! I’m feeling a little performance anxiety–all his friends are dying to know about the Magical Mystery Tour I have planned for his birthday and I hope the trip lives up to the build-up. His friends have all guessed exotic places, like the Galapagos. It’s not that exotic, but he should like it.

I’m thinking this should be an annual event: a surprise birthday something special. He certainly deserves it: He’s a spectacular partner.

We’ve got one 24-hour period that is so busy it will be exhausting, (poor planning on my part) but other than that, it should be a reasonable enough schedule that I can blog occasionally.

My little dog is sleeping against my leg–he certainly never gets sleep-deprived, if he can help it. I’ll mis him.

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