It’s not about the money, stupid!

February 11, 2010

(with apologies to James Carville)

One of the comments on Serenity Hacker, regarding the
post about Denmark:

But as you point out, it's not about money. The Danes have
the sense that
happiness is far more important than
material accumulation or power.
This is
probably why
they have the political system they do, instead of the
other way

Intuitively, we know that happiness is being aware, being
able to let go,
simplifying, building family and social
bonds, having time, and feeling secure.
For some reason,
only a very few places in the world have been able to

incorporate this in their culture and society.

There's a great discussion about that post over
at Serenity Hacker, if you're interested.
One comment on “It’s not about the money, stupid!
  1. Alan says:

    “The best things in life are free
    But you can keep ’em for the birds and bees.
    Now gimme money (that’s what I want)
    That’s what I want (that’s what I want)”

    Lyrics to Money. Love that song. Just offering a differing viewpoint.

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