It’s only love

November 11, 2012

It’s only love.
Only love?
Love is only the biggest thing that we can do. 
Or feel.
It’s not just romance. {Although I love me some romance.}
Nor is it just lust, which also is a very nice thing.
It’s attachment, but a very special kind of attachment.
It makes us higher than a kite.

Softer than a kitten’s fur.

Happier than a smiley face.

And can send us to the depths of despair.

Remember this?

The Beatles said it well. It’s Only Love.

4 comments on “It’s only love
  1. Home Place says:

    Love IS the biggest thing you can do. And without it, at least in some form, what else is there. I can’t imagine (another Beatles reference) my life with out having love, or having been loved.

  2. Jennifer Comet Wagner says:

    That is beautiful. “All you need is love”!

  3. Love is…

    I think that says it all for me ..Just that … Love is…

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