I’ve got an idea!

May 22, 2013

Actually, I’ve got too many ideas.

My mind is always whirring, chugging along on multiple tracks at the same time and apt to take a right turn at any given moment. Or a left. Or turn around and return.

Too damn many ideas, that’s the problem.

I’m not teaching this summer, but I had full plate of projects and ideas well before the semester ended this month.

One idea would be great. Or even two. After all, it’s just a couple of months and I’ve got two big trips and some small ones planned for it.

But no.  Me?

Too many ideas for one life.

Good thing I believe in reincarnation.

What do YOU do with your surplus ideas?

4 comments on “I’ve got an idea!
  1. Keep them in a special notebook and a patent lawyer on retainer.

  2. Carla J Gardiner says:

    I have two notebooks; one for notes and one for ideas. Now that I have an iPhone if I am out and about away from the notebook I jot them down and email myself…at our age thoughts are fleeting at best…don’t leave any of those precious gems to memory!

  3. i write them down on long to do lists that never get done

  4. I have too many ideas too. So much to write, so little time…

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