Joy. And love.

March 6, 2013
Isn’t this the very best feeling in the world?
When they step into your thoughts,
your instant response is
a quiet smile
a broad grin.
That warmth spreading across your heart?
No, not angina.
That’s love.
It happens when I think of the young man in my life.
The {older} man I’ve loved from the moment we met.
And the furry little creature in my life.
Among others.
3 comments on “Joy. And love.
  1. Grace Hodgin says:

    I think smiling when you think of someone is a sign of love and there are so many different types of love but they all make me smile.

  2. Ellen Dolgen says:

    What a wonderful blog post – makes me feel warm and fuzzy just reading it. I have several people who make me feel this way – it’s a wonderful feeling! Embrace it!

  3. Yes, my husband. Every single day. He is such a joy.

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