Just keep walking forward

November 27, 2012
by Richard Tipping
Ever have one of those days that started badly and only got worse?
I thought so.
Wouldn’t it be great if we could go back?
Maybe draw a new day out of the pack of life cards?
Ah, not possible.  We’ve got to face life on its own terms, no matter what.
I’ve given that a lot of thought lately, as a friend dear to me undergoes treatment for cancer. 
She’s doing alright, sometimes even well.
But it’s not easy.
I can’t help but think that if that were me,
I’d like to go back to before the diagnosis, 
when life was more carefree. 
When the heavy load of a disease like that wasn’t such a weight. 
Before Cancer.
I admire her tremendously for her strength and courage, 
as I do all of my friends who have stared cancer in the face and stood their ground.
I hope I don’t ever have to test myself 
because I don’t know that I’d have as much grace and fortitude.
♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥
Life is full of little lines of demarcation, those points where things change 
so drastically that your life becomes unrecognizable.
There’s no backspace, either. 
You can turn to go back, but you’ll bump right into a brick wall. 
That was then, the wall says. This is now. You have no choice but to go forward.
I hear so many lucky people whining about their lives. 
They want this or that. They need this or that.
But here’s the thing:
They’re healthy.
Their kids are healthy.
They’re employed.
They’ve got a roof over their heads, 3 square meals and a vehicle.
The rest of it?  Unimportant.
It’s all relative, it’s true, but since I know people with real problems, 
well, I get a little tired of listening to whining from people who have such minor issues.
Here’s what I am tempted to say:
Stop whining. 
Chances are that your strep throat will go away, 
you’ll find a better job, 
love will come your way. 
These are such little things in the greater scheme of things.
Change your perspective.
Just keep walking forward. 
And consider yourself lucky that you can.
Truth is, we could all use a little talk like that
every so often.
6 comments on “Just keep walking forward
  1. Your tips are a great reality check.

  2. This is a lesson that many of us must learn. “Pick yourself up, Dust yourself off, and start all over again”. The first time is pretty hard, I just wonder if the next big one will be easier now that I know the truths?

  3. Jennifer Comet Wagner says:

    We have to remember this, not only when we see terrible things happen to others, but all the time.

  4. Grace Hodgin says:

    It is difficult when a loved one has cancer or another disease where they are fighting for their life. I know just being there as a friend means a lot.

  5. Thank you for this. Sometimes we all need to be reminded that life is not always rosy and happy and fun – sometimes its just real.

    I try to remember each day that you just put one step in front of the other to keep moving forward. Sometimes you have to take a step back – but that doesn’t mean you have given up – you just have to appreciate where you have been.

  6. Yes, sometimes you do have to take a step back. It’s just hard to go all the way back! 😉 Thanks for the good comments, everyone!

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