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April 4, 2009

So I’m having a little pre-Easter get-together for a few friends next weekend. Just a drop-in kind of thing. Beer, wine and some appetizers.

I love to cook and was looking forward to preparations. I was dying to make some roasted asparagus wrapped in thinly sliced smoked salmon or prosciutto. I watched Giada make it on Food Network last week and was jonesin’ for that asparagus. Then I saw a recipe for cute bite sized turkey club sandwiches that might be fun to make.

But it’s been a rough week. My house is a mess from too much stuff arriving from California and from trying to work at home. And I’m taking an Rx that has had the side effect of nausea for the past week, and I haven’t really felt like dealing with food at all.

Thankfully, several friends are bringing things like shrimp and bleu cheese dip. Today I got a promo from Honeybaked Hams and saw these cute little Honey Grands, pictured. Ham, cheese and honey mustard. Now THOSE looked like fun.

So I ordered them. I’ll get some cheese and crackers, some grapes and that’ll be that. Along with the delicious stuff my friends are bringing.

PS After finding some ask-a-patient internet boards on the med, and reading that some people lost their complete sense of taste from this drug, I have stopped it entirely as of this minute.

I was off it for two days this week and symptoms went away. Started it last night and they cropped up again. So we know that is probably the culprit.

Done with it. Thank God for Google!

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