June 7, 2009

I had lunch last week with a colleague I wanted to reconnect with for my workshop business. She emailed me a follow-up that included this statement: You are amazing in the way your life has fallen into an almost too good to be true situation. You must have some seriously good karma.

You never want to tempt the fates, even when you feel completely blessed, as I do. But that note, and a few other things this weekend, made me consider the concept of karma.

I had coffee with a dear friend today, who, by any standards, has had to face some rough challenges. She is one of the most loving, kindest women I’ve ever known. And after several decades of challenges, she has found true happiness at last. Am I to think that her karma was bad for those decades?

Another loving friend has also had a rocky path in life. She deserves happiness, but it’s eluded her. I just can’t see karma at work here, either.

I was troubled a few days ago to hear that a colleague’s cancer has likely returned, in a new organ. She was someone I called “friend” for some years, until she underwent a strange political metamorphosis and acted out in uncharacteristically. (There’s more to this than I want to write about.) Upon her diagnosis, I got in touch and we made it right. I prayed for her daily and was so happy that she seemed to respond to treatment.

This latest news is upsetting and I hope her doctors can control it. She’s back in my prayers and I ask for yours on her behalf. But here’s a case where it would be tempting (but cruel) to say it’s karma cops at work.

I just don’t know about karma.

I think the Golden Rule is a great guide, and although I do fall short from time to time, it’s worked well for me. That, and being grateful to God.

Does what go around, come around? I’m just not sure that the scales of karmic justice always balance like that.

But sometimes, I do wonder.

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