Keeping secrets

March 14, 2017

keeping-secretsWhen we think something is “hard to believe” it’s usually because it doesn’t fit our existing paradigm of the world. Most of us are wedded to our view of how things are: it’s how we make sense of the world around us. Ideas that don’t fit our orderly view are easily scoffed at.

I’ve noticed that one of the victims of our shift into the very odd 21st century is the open mind. Because the world today is all about keeping secrets.

If you think about it, an open mind is a prerequisite to any important scientific discovery.  “What if?” is a scientific question. But it’s also a question that makes a lot of people nervous.

But not me. I like the question.

When I hear something that doesn’t fit my view of the world or what we’ve been told about the world, that’s where I go: to the question what if?

What if it were true? Could it be true? Let me look into it further.

That’s why I like conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theories allow us to open our mind to other possibilities than those that have been presented as “the facts.”

keeping-secretsFor example: The Warren Commission’s report on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. It’s the official story. But few of us believe it’s the truth.

I’m not saying we should believe any idea that’s presented. I AM saying that it’s smart to not discount crazy theories immediately– and to consider the possibilities.

The question “what if it weren’t true?” has led many to attempt investigations of phenomena, such as UFOs. But the truth is only known by our government, and the government is really good at keeping secrets.

But as good as they are at keeping the truth from the people, hints of what really happened leak out a little at a time.

Any pilot who’s being honest will admit to having seen UFOs in flight. But few, if any, are able to go on record.  The same with astronauts and those who worked at the highest levels at NASA. Not too long ago I had a conversation with someone who worked on the space program at a very high level. While he hedged about whether “aliens” were living among us (but didn’t rule it out) he very casually said “But I’ve met a hybrid” and then gave me a few details. A hybrid is the result of cross breeding between an alien and a human. If he met a hybrid, you can bet he knows more about visitors from other planets than he can say.

You think that sounds crazy, right? But I don’t think it is. There are many secrets locked away in government files. What’s really crazy is the idea that 45 now has access to those secrets. Or maybe that’s being kept from him. Because we haven’t seen tweets about those secrets. Not yet, anyway.

I was thinking about this the other day and I remember this post I wrote about UFOs and open minds. I thought you’d find it interesting. I hope you enjoy.






24 comments on “Keeping secrets
  1. Donna says:

    I also love the “what ifs” I also love to think all things could be possible….and I love that it could be too good to be true…we all live way below our priviledges

  2. I studied political science in college and one of my professors said she believed in the “Ten Year Rule,” that if you wait ten years the secrets eventually come out. Just before my daughter left for a class trip to do charity work in Guatemala the U.S. Government admitted the CIA was responsible for the 20 year revolution that just ended in Guatemala. I remember when the CIA admitted to distributing pamphelts instructing government officials to shoot the Mayan people to locate rebels because rebels generally hide in family homes, holding the families hostage, and the only way to get to the rebels was to shoot the people hiding them. It became an act of genocide. They may be secrets, but the truth is generally revealed–and posted in two paragraphs on page 20 of the news.Sometimes people choose not to believe because the truth is too awful, but when it comes to UFOs and similar topics, I suspect that there’s been so many comedy movies and so many people making money off UFO trinkets, etc., that this plants a seed of doubt in the minds of the public that is hard to get past. When people think of UFOs, do they think about it seriously, or do they think of “Men in Black”? I’ve been to Roswell and there are many people making money from the UFO business, and it does influence public perception. And I agree–it is scary to think about who has access to these secrets.

  3. Ha! I bet HE is an alien, and they are trying to figure out how to deport him back to his leaders for better training on how to be human.

  4. I don’t know how imagination can be fired any other way but to ask “what if?” Nothing great, including great change ever started without it. I also like that on some level, we’re asking that question in silence all the time if we’re at all willing to try new experiences.

  5. Diane says:

    ‘What ifs’ make my imagination soar.
    Most of the time, I’m glad they are only in my imagination. But occasionally . . .

  6. I believe that secrets will be revealed at one time or another! They always are! I find doing the what ifs just lead you to over thinking………..

    I do not see the point in having secrets, they only come back to bite you in the you know what! LOL

  7. Interesting article, it really has me thinking now. What if…such a great question!

  8. robin masshole mommy says:

    My husband is super into conspiracy theories. He is always telling me alternative ideas 🙂

  9. I hope all the secrets of our insane current administration come out soon before irreparable damage is caused. Truth can definitely be stranger than fiction!

  10. Krysten says:

    I tend to ask ‘What if it’s true,’ as well. Like what would it do to our lives if there were life on other planets and they came here?

  11. The what ifs are such an interesting bit to mull over – life in an alternate dimension which runs parallel to ours – how I would love to meet my doppleganger too!

  12. Elizabeth O. says:

    It’s important to keep an open mind otherwise you’ll go through life only believing what you think is right even when it isn’t. Plus, it won’t help you learn new things! There will always be more to the story that they’ve been telling us and it’s nice to have a drive to find out what lies beneath.

  13. Erin says:

    I love this post SOOO much! I’ve totally heard about the hybrids except they aren’t “aliens” per se, they are simply demons/fallen angels who are still reproducing with humans. This creates a person who looks like us on the outside but on the inside, their soul is pure evil.

    There are only a handful of people that run this world and what we are taught in school or told through media is simply what they want us to know. The president? Well each and every one of them are selected, NOT elected and are merely puppets (ie talking heads) for the elite.

  14. Anna nuttall says:

    Interesting blog post. lol I’ve been watching UFO videos on Youtube this morning. Love anything like this. xx

  15. Even historical accounts have their own secrets, after all we must remember that the winners rewrite the history books. Look at what happened to Marilyn Monroe, I don’t believe that she killed herself x

  16. I think anything is possible. I believe there is so much us as citizens do not know about and never will. Kinda scary sometimes.

  17. Kat says:

    I love conspiracy theories too!I really enjoy to read about them and to watch documentaries! Interesting article darling!:)

  18. I have watched some documentaries about UFOs in Discovery channel. They fascinated me. I like that there are people who are eager to share stories about UFOs. It is not easy to tell the world or write a story about it.

  19. Taty Pradilla says:

    This sounds like something my husband would say. I am now thinking about the what ifs and what abouts and how is that not possible.

  20. I do know that the government holds back all kinds of information and holds all kinds of secrets. I’m just not sure whether any of them involve UFOs.

  21. Bennymakachi says:

    ‘What if’s ‘ are important questions that should be asked. I for one believe the best way to live is to be open minded.

  22. blair villanueva says:

    In my case, sometimes I become selfish and think that those “what ifs” will remain as it ia, beccause for me it will not spoil that fantasy, and would remain my happy thought of it.

    Sometimes I need those fantasies to remain as it is.

  23. I enjoy writing fiction so conspiracy theories give me a bit of inspiration. I’ll listen to any argument but I always fall back on my own common sense.


    Hahaha I’m a big conspiracy theorist! I majored in history in college so conspiracy is one thing that interest me

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