Kitchen Zen

August 2, 2009

Kitchen duties have always been something I’ve had to cram in (or avoid) between time-consuming career responsibilities, travel and necessary down time. I had a very high tolerance for a sinkful of dirty dishes.

Until now.

I am, for all practical purposes, a housewife. For the very first time. And no, that is not my kitchen. Don’t I wish! But it is very much like kitchens we’ve seen in houses we are thinking of buying.

My life with my fabulous husband means that I get to look at the kitchen in an entirely new way.

It’s the place I make healthy and tasty meals for us. And I spend much more time there than ever before.

Before, I could easily dodge a pile of dirty pans and dishes in favor of some mind-numbing television. Or the diversion of a good book. I worked hard. I deserved a bit of down time.

Now, with home as my base, I find myself not just able, but ready and willing to wash the dishes. Stack the pans. Find the right Pyrex. Or Corning stuff.

I’ve even had to buy a new pair of rubber gloves for dishwashing or pan scrubbing. Dishpan hands, you know. But you see, I didn’t know, because I’ve never spent as much time cooking as I do now. For me alone and for us. And Riley.

My relationship with the kitchen has completely changed. Without 100 other things on my mind, I’m free to be in the moment with my kitchen. With washing dishes. Scrubbing baking pans. Emptying the dishwasher completely, instead of using it as a storage cupboard for clean dishses.

The Zen of the kitchen.

I like it.

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