Kitty warmth on a cold morning.

January 21, 2009

On a cold morning, there’s nothing like the warm weight of a cat up against your side. I love my dog Riley, but he’s a bit distractable and just doesn’t lie still against me for very long. I had cats for 34 consecutive years, but when Tyler passed on two years ago, I decided to get a little dog. A little dog is not much like a little cat.

I’ve been tempted to get another cat, or maybe even another dog. Riley is getting very spoiled as an only pet… but I try to remember that my busy life has limitations and I am only one person. And yet, I look forward to the day when I can add to my critter family.

If you are wondering why this photo is blurred, it’s because Riley is always in motion. I love my little dog. And still, there’s nothing like the warmth of a furry cat on a cold morning. And it IS a cold morning, here in Tampa.

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