The Covid police say: Don’t kid yourself about this disease

January 4, 2021

knowledge-is-powerThere seem to be two ways people deal with Covid information: ignorance is bliss or knowledge is power. I am in the second camp.

This is not a disease like any other. It is not like the flu. It is five times as likely to kill as the flu. It can have debilitating long lasting effects. How long? Nobody knows yet. It’s too new. Plus, symptoms can return again and again within a matter of days or weeks. Or new symptoms can arise.

I read everything I can about Covid. I believe that knowledge is power and when I see loved ones taking unnecessary risks I am going to tell them what I read about Covid. By nature, I am a Covid cop. I call people to account for their risky behavior.  It’s hard for me to stop because I care about the well-being of those I love.

When someone says to me, “I was exposed at work but I was wearing a mask and six feet away” I tell them the hard truth: that masks are not failsafe and six feet is nothing because droplets can carry more than 20 feet. I don’t scream it, but I do say it…vigorously.

knowledge-is-powerSome do not want to hear it.

They won’t hear it because they want to carry on with what they normally do, believing they are protected by masks and six feet.

They don’t want to hear that those protections are minimal.

They want to go shopping. Get together with friends. Go to gatherings where they are the only masked person.

When someone tells me they were tested so they can mingle with impunity, I tell them that the test is only a snapshot of that moment in time. They could be positive the very next moment.  

These concepts seem to be very difficult for some to grasp. But let’s be honest: they don’t want to grasp them. Or even if they do, it doesn’t dictate their behavior.

When they are exposed, they are beside themselves with anxiety. But that doesn’t change their behavior. They absolutely MUST do risky things and that means they have to ignore the facts.

It has become harder and harder for me to accept this kind of behavior by people I care about. The idea they are so willing to put themselves at risk by their purposeful ignorance is hard for me to understand, too. Who wouldn’t want to know and act on the facts?

Many, apparently. They are willing to gamble with their lives.

And what’s even more difficult for them to take in is the idea that their purposeful ignorance and risky behavior means that the rest of us will have to deal with Covid longer. They are gambling with our lives, too.

I hope with all my heart that the risks my loved ones take do not mean they will get this awful disease. And maybe they won’t. Maybe luck will be on their side and they will emerge from this pandemic unscathed. (Which will only affirm their decision to take risky behavior).

But truly, I am just watchfully waiting because at some point, I am convinced one of them will get sick. 


If everyone in our country believed that knowledge is power and acted on that knowledge. the pandemic would be under control by now. If everyone in our country believed that we are our brother’s keeper, they would act differently.

Whether they believe it or not, knowledge really is power.

I might or might not stop being the Covid police among my circle. But whether I do or I don’t doesn’t change the fact that the emperor has no clothes.

18 comments on “The Covid police say: Don’t kid yourself about this disease
  1. Unfortunately there is way too much “knowledge” being disseminated that is flat out lies being put out as truth. And too many people willing to use those lies as their excuse to be selfish.

  2. laurie stone says:

    I get so frustrated by risky, non-responsible behavior with this virus. Mainly its an insult to every hard-working health care worker out there. If nothing else, do it for them.

  3. Thanks for this caring post. I have friends whose daughters are nurses and it is so unbelievably sad and infuriating for them to see people dying every day, and then witness the cavalier attitude others are taking. Please don’t stop being the Covid police…we need you.

  4. adela says:

    People in my family have gotten COVID-19. All were taking appropriate precautions. Some more paranoid than others. Luckily, no one died. One has an enlarged heart, one still can’t smell anything, and she had it in February.

    If you are exposed, you should isolate. Why? Because if you do get it, you will be contagious before you know you have the disease.

    Please be kind and protect each other.

  5. Beth Havey says:

    This is an excellent post and true to your truth-telling, Carol. My husband’s family are just like that. His brother says, “Oh we all had it, it was just like the flu.” But then he admits that his daughter has lost her sense of taste & smell, even though she considers herself okay.Wow, can you imagine living the rest of your life in that situation. She’s a mother in her thirties. Maybe she’ll get better, I hope so, but the risk is more than I care to think about.

  6. Diane says:

    Keep on being the Covid police, Carol. We need you!
    I have a brother and sister who absolutely insist that Covid death numbers are being grossly exaggerated. I get so angry with them I have to fight the urge to bite and scratch. But I know it is fear talking. (Tell me, Mommy, that everything is going to be okay. That things aren’t as bad as everyone is saying…) Sadly, they are as bad. Or worse. I keep trying to tell them that sticking your head in the sand isn’t going to do you (or anyone else) any good! I get nowhere. Sometimes I wish I didn’t care so much…

  7. Alana says:

    So, so, so sad that people dying of COVID deny COVID on their deathbeds. And put the doctors and nurses trying to save their lives at risk. There are no words. One of my Facebook friends believed in herd immunity. One such post was her next to last FB post. Her last one was detailing her sudden illness with extreme chills and other symptoms. She was dead three days later, as reported by a family member on her FB timeline. What a dark time. Keep on being a COVID policeperson.

  8. Paula Kiger says:

    Knowledge truly is power. You may save a life.

  9. Betty says:

    For the medical community, in particular, I get furious with these people’s irresponsible behavior. The medical community is working around the clock in the most stressful circumstances possible. It’s not fair to them. I feel like an irresponsible person doesn’t deserve a seat at the ICU table.

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