Laid to rest in the arms of Morpheus

June 27, 2009

I suppose it’s no surprise to anyone that prescription drug abuse may be implicated in Michael Jackson’s cardiac arrest.

Demerol , they say.

Maybe morphine.

Why such old-fashioned drugs, they wonder? When newer drugs, like Oxycontin, could’ve killed him more quickly.

I have a little second-hand knowledge about morphine.

I hear that it takes away ALL of your pain and troubles. Every bit of them.

That it’s such a fantastic feeling that you simply must have it.

Again and again.

Which is why it’s so addictive.

Addicts build up huge tolerances to the drug over time, and can function on doses that would kill anyone else.

Normal people have to steal powerful drugs like that. If they’re lucky, they hold a responsible position in a hospital and have easier access.

At least ‘til they’re caught.

Being really rich, Michael Jackson had his own doctor living with him. Made it much more convenient to get a fix

It sounds like maybe the doctor shot him up with a bit too much.

You can only imagine what was running through the doctor’s mind as he withdrew the syringe only to watch his patient, one of the most famous people in the world, go into cardiac arrest.

It’s no wonder he didn’t want the EMTs to call the time of death, and he personally conducted CPR for more than an hour.

He must have been panic-stricken. Because in effect, he killed his patient.

What I know about morphine and drugs like it is that they become far more important than anything or anyone else in the addict’s life. Not their spouses. Not their talent. Not their work.

Not even their kids.

If you’re willing to trade your life for the high, it must be an amazing feeling.

Michael Jackson may have spent his last moments in the gentle, but lethal, arms of Morpheus.

Sadly, it won’t be a lesson anyone can learn from.

The drug is strong. People are weak.

RIP, Michael. Rest in peace.

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