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February 4, 2010

I support the president. I do. And I think having him in office is better than having any one of the intellectually-weak right wing cabal in the White House.

I’m proud that the country was ready to elect a mixed-race president.

But it makes me nervous that he was’t ready for the office he holds.

I am surprised to see he and his advisors haven’t learned from the last successful Democratic president.

First, “it’s the economy, stupid.” I mean, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that. And even if they were completely out of touch with the American people, and they may well be, how can they forget it’s how Bill Clinton (whom I miss every day) won his campaign?

Second, health care is complex and fraught with peril. To take that on as a primary issue right out of the chute, when so many Americans are hurting, is inexplicable. How about paging back to the early days of the Clinton presidency, when he made that same mistake?

As I said way back in 2008, I just don’t think candidate Obama was ready for the big chair, and so far, it seems I’m right. Hillary was far more qualified and experienced. She did a great job for New York state. She’s mature. She should be sitting in that chair.

However, the country was not ready to elect a strong woman.

No. It was far more ready for a far less experienced mixed-race man.

Man was the operative word.

Still rankles.

2 comments on “Learning disability
  1. About Obama, I will never understand all the people who are bitching about his administration (except his Chief of Staff who should be left in the middle of the desert by himself), Obama has had a year. All you republicans can stop bitching…it is your fault by electing an idiot twice for Pres. It takes time to undue horrid deep mistakes. Regarding health care…not all of us are rich. I have no healthcare and it is weighing on me as I KNOW I have 2 areas that are sprouting skin cancer and no where to go. Hillary wasn’t elected like I wanted; her defeat was a hard slap in the face of every woman. Men can be president, but not women. We have not evolved one bit.

    Dog trainers like myself know you do not train the dog; you train the owners and if they do not comply with consistency they have no one to blame but themselves.

  2. Appreciate the comments. You’re right about the slap in the face to women…it’s aggravating & tiresome that it’s still going on… and Obama did inherit a mess from that dunce who preceded him.

    I don’t disagree that there’s need for universal health care, I just think it was imprudent politically to come out of the chute with it as his first big thing–that his team has consequently messed up big time and that will end up nothing like what’s needed.

    I know a number of dog trainers with your point of view, and I can’t disagree that owners bear responsibility but it’s never as black and white as that.

    People are imperfect and it’s an imperfect world in which not much is as black and white as we’d like it to be. The devil’s in the grey areas.

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