Leaving lovely Lake Louise, arriving beautiful Banff

October 5, 2011

Beautiful Lake Louise gave us a spectacular farewell at sunrise. Just gorgeous:

A few hours later:

But let’s see the 8am shot again:
I’d have to say that Lake Louise is the prettiest place we’ve been on this trip.
And then, just before we left, above.
We took off for Banff, about an hour away. I’ve lost track of what’s what, as we made a few stops to admire the view. But I guarantee these photos will blow you away, too.
The mountains are just awesome. This is the first time I got a real feel for how the mountains were created.
In some spots I could actually see where the flat land was pushed up to form jagged peaks zillions of years ago.
There wasn’t a bad view on any part of the ride.

Lake Moraine. I think.

The biggest landslide I’ve ever seen, below. At Lake Moraine.

In Banff, which is as close to a little commercial town as we’ve seen up here. If the Lake is the centerpiece at Lake Louise, and it is, the mountains reign supreme in Banff.

The Fairmont Banff Springs looks seriously haunted, all dark and gloomy. It’s so big we need a map to navigate. Gorgeous day today, but rain and snow tomorrow. We’re heading to a First Nations museum, I think.

This is still as close to a bear as we’ve been.

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