March 9, 2009

I seem to be into lesbian-wear this month. Maybe I’m just so excited that I won’t have to get dressed for an office any more, but when I saw a vest sort of like this, I just had to buy it at Macy’s on Saturday. Mine has a more scooped neck and I’m going to wear it in Savannah next week, maybe with a black and white striped man-cut shirt and black jeans. Not to be too Chastity-Bono-ish or anything.

About a month ago I saw another kind of funky look in a fashion magazine. It’s a man’s pajama top worn with a blazer. By a woman. I finally had time to go buy men’s pajamas. Another casual look.

No, not coming out of the closet. Just glad to give up dress-for-success. Not that I did that much of it, anyway.

While I was there, I got to pre-buy for Wednesday’s sale. I bought two black pencil skirts that I love, and two pairs of black pants (to replace those that are so big I can remove them without unbuttoning them). They had to hold them til the official sale on Wednesday, in that weird thing they call “pre-sale”. I saved about $75 so it was worth having to schlep back to Macy’s Wednesday.

Oh, and I must confess. I also bought Black Ralph Lauren espadrilles and this very cute pair of black patent cork wedge shoes by Michael Kors. I’m impressed by his retail line of shoes. Reasonably priced and very, very cute.

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