Lessons from grief and loss

July 28, 2011

It’s easy to forget to tell people how important they are to you. To not have time for that visit, that lunch date or cup of coffee. After all, there’s always tomorrow, we think. And we’re busy, so busy, with our day-to-day lives.

A dear friend lost his grown daughter suddenly years ago. He told me that his only consolation was that he’d left nothing unsaid with her, ever. He was “current” with her, he said, and for that, he was grateful.

Since then, I’ve made sure to be current with the people I care for.

Bryan Stow, the Giants fan who was brutally beaten at Dodgers stadium months ago, is making incremental progress, but a few setbacks this month. So many people praying for him and holding him in the light.

The family recently posted this poignant message and Coldplay song, The Scientist. It’s all about staying current. I have nothing to add to its message.

“We have been thinking a lot about the past together as a family and things we could have said or done differently. Don’t wait until it’s too late and you are wishing and praying “to go back to the start”. -Stow Family

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