Lies, damned lies and more damned lies

June 3, 2012
by British street artist Banksy
A wise woman and blogger* I follow wrote recently about
lies in relationships.  The subject resonated for many
readers, who had also been involved with a
partner who lied about things big and small,
and even about things about which didn’t matter.
I’m familiar with that kind of behavior.
In a response to a commenter, she wrote:
The love continues but the lack of trust makes real intimacy impossible. 
But then, I sometimes think that is the point of lying– to ward off the intimacy that is feared.
That’s a pretty profound thought:
that lying serves the purpose of keeping
the other person at a distance.
Intimacy is only possible with trust.
Trust is impossible with lies.

*click the word blogger above for Oriah Mountain Dreamer’s blog

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