Life as a spinner game

April 18, 2013
There are times when life reminds me of a game:
 take a spin and when the arrow lands, well,
move in that direction.
I’ve always lived as though I were mistress
of my own destiny, but looking back, I wonder
how much control I really had.
So much of life feels like luck-of-the draw:
if I hadn’t done this, been there, said that.
If this hadn’t happened, that hadn’t come up.
Would’ve, should’ve, could’ve.
I think maybe the Master Planner likes
to let us think we’re in control. Or,
maybe, more accurately, gives us some
control. Sort of like a driver education teacher
who has their own set of controls
just in case.
There were times in my life
when the Master Planner
practically knocked me over
to get my attention
and divert me from a disastrous course.
And then other times when
I’ve had my head
and took my own unwise path
took a really good one.
I don’t know–fate?
Spin of the wheel?
Mistress of our own destiny?
What do you think?

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