Life is not linear

April 15, 2013

Life is not linear.

At least, our lives here in the 21st century are not linear.

The lives of my parents? Very linear.

But their parents were Sicilian immigrants and so not wholly linear,
at least not until they started over here in America.

But our generation, we’re the first ones to embrace detours, I think, and
to wander down strange paths, sometimes by choice and sometimes not.

As a young bride, I believed I was on a linear path. That we’d live happily ever after, although I had no vision of what that might look like.  {I still have no vision of what my life will look like at any given time in the future–It’s more interesting to live it all along the way without any expectations, Just see what comes up and where it might lead. }

But when M. decided he wanted a divorce, my nicely linear path came to a dead end. And I do mean dead. My life had come to an end, I thought, with all the innocence of young womanhood.  What would lie ahead? I couldn’t even fathom it. No, life was over.

Now, 30 years later, that young woman makes me smile. It wasn’t a dead end, it was a detour, a 27-year detour that reunited us.  

Will this happen for everyone? No. I know there are millions of woman out there who wish their departed husband would come back as mine did.

Maybe that’s where their detour will lead, I don’t know.

But probably not.

And I’m here to tell you that whether it does or it doesn’t, the detour your on will lead to things you never even imagined–if you let it.

I may still have a detour or two still ahead of me. Yes, yes, there’s still life in the Diva, even after walking so many paths, and there’s may just be another familiar path –new and improved–down the road a bit.

You just never know.

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