Life is unfair

August 23, 2015

This is fried macaroni and cheese, an appetizer at an incredible farm-to-table restaurant we went to in Santa Rosa, Calif.  It was so unearthly scrumptious that I’d trade Riley for the opportunity to eat it every day.

Well, not really. First, I love my dog. Second, well, it should have been named Heart Attack on a Plate.

This is that same restaurant’s elevated version of a Hostess Ding Dong. Yes, that is toasted marshmallow cream on top and a little red petal which we discarded immediately. It bears as much resemblance to the packaged Hostess product as, say, I do to Elizabeth Taylor, which is to say none. It does, however, have some of the same characteristics as the appetizer in the photo above it, which is to say it is another Heart Attack on a Plate.

In a fair world, these would be life-enhancing, full of wonderful nutrients and sooo good for us.

Life is unfair, it seems.

So, inquiring minds want to know. What dish have you had lately that is yummy-licious but has the nutritional value of, say, a brick?  Maybe if we all look at the photos and read descriptions, we won’t ever have to eat the real thing.

Fat chance.

But worth a try.  Have at it in the Comments below.

10 comments on “Life is unfair
  1. Indian takeaway food. Mega high salt content negates any good health effects the actual vegetables and spices have. I do it once on a blue moon and try not to regret it when I wake up with a salt hang-over.

  2. Janice Wald says:

    Hi Carol,
    Those pictures look good. I didn’t know you were a food blogger.

  3. Sandy Nelson says:

    A slew of desserts instantly come to mind. All so shamelessly good. Anything with pudding in the middle. Ice cream!–how many scoops fit on a cone? Four works. And anything chocolate covered! I could pass by cake, but not the cream frosting. I see it now. I’m a sweet-a-holic.

  4. Alana says:

    Paying a visit to a suburb of New York City, I gorged on pizza. And cannollis. Won’t have either again for a while. Oh, you are so right – why is all the really good food caloric?

  5. If you believe the Food Police, pretty much anything I eat. Well, that’s not true – but I do love good food. The other night I roasted a chicken over some boiler potatoes. I browned the chicken in a cast iron frying pan, removed it and added (gasp) a bit of lard, then sauteed my potato wedges for a few minutes. We’d taken the backbone out of the chicken (spatchcocking), so it was relatively flat. I laid that over the potatoes and put the whole mess in a slow oven, finally turning up the heat at the end to get the chicken skin gloriously crispy. All that schmaltz and lard that went into the potatoes would probably equal a heart attack if you ate enough of them. All things in moderation (including moderation), I guess.

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