Life. With a twist of lemon.

May 10, 2013
Except that I don’t like gin.
Or lemons with tonic.
But a vodka tonic with some healthy squeezes of lime
sounds might good for a Friday night.
As long as it’s made by my friend, Dina.
Who is solely responsible for my dissatisfaction when it’s made by anyone else.
At all.
And really, I barely drink.
And usually only like drinks that impersonate fruit or milkshakes.
Give me a Cosmo.
A pina colada.
Or a Brandy Alexander, especially if it’s made with ice cream.
So liking a vodka tonic is a pretty big deal.
Cocktail menus confuse me.
So: what cocktail should someone
like me, who really doesn’t drink much,
Or should I just make lemonade if life hands me lemons?
3 comments on “Life. With a twist of lemon.
  1. Laura Kennedy says:

    I also like sweetish “lady drinks.” Manhattan is a great one. Try a tiny bit of St. Germain in champagne. Lillet (blanc), properly served over ice with a twist of orange, tho some ill-educated bartenders will use lemon instead. On “Call the Midwife” the ladies were letting down their hair after work with Avocaat– a dutch liqueur that basically sounds like brandy eggnog in a bottle. And as if that’s not yummy-sounding enough, one of them said that if you put fizz in it, it’s called a Snowball. Been wanting to try one ever since!

  2. WINE! It’s a lifelong quest to find just the right one for you!

  3. Susan Cooper says:

    I do like lemon and lemon-aid for that matter but not so much vodka. I understand that about a favored drink by a special person. They just know how to make it right so why have anyone else make it… LOL. :).

    When it comes to life turning adversity to a positive is a good course of action.

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