Death. And life.

April 30, 2017

Life will never be the same.
But it does go on.
We know it from our own experience.

And we can help at A Healing Spirit.

One comment on “Death. And life.
  1. anonymousinthemainland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    To the many in Machester, Life will go on, after a period of many tears and grief..My heart goes out to the many who lost tiny ones and older ones with them..If there is a hell it must be on earth when something like that happens..Our only lives over 4,000 miles from us I speak to her and her daddy does daily..It would kill me if someone did that to her, it truly would..I lost my mother young I felt so alone and grief stricken and got a different perspective on life, it will go on and one will be with that life if one has a backbone and a humorus attitude and sheer determination, I used those to live a good life..My hubs of 43 years is sweet and kind and loving and humorous and he lived in a home with no dad the oldest child of 8 kids in my opinion were criminals in training and he is the best..So it can definitely be done..He is nothing like his no good dad and we were nice to the dad when he was dying and his mother we paid for most of what was needed when she passed too..So I say smile and carry on as most English say and have a cuppa tea and hold on..This is the only life we will have to love anyone..and love is all there is in my opinion!!!!!!!!

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