Life’s too mysterious to take seriously

June 8, 2011

I laughed like crazy last week. With deep appreciation of the absurdities of life. Because life is the funniest and funnest thing of all. It feels good to laugh hard, so good and healthy that we need to do as much of it as possible.

Thanks to Facebook, I reconnected with a friend I made way back in 1988. We worked together; she and her husband and I got to know each other well and shared many good times. How well? I even knew her late mother, a sweet woman I remember fondly. As the years passed, our lives went in different directions and we lost touch.

But then: Facebook.

Crazy shared memories, family situations, and work updates made our reconnection lunch at Panera in Cupertino speed by last week. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard–or when I last spoke with someone who knew me in those crazy days of youth. (Relative youth, of course.)

We’re not done: she and her husband are coming to dinner this week. And I already know what the first thing out of his mouth will be when I open the front door. No question. As I knew what he would tell her to say to me when we had lunch. It was (and will be) laughter-provoking.And speaking of 20 years: if you think that an age gap that large precludes a real friendship, think again. About a year and half ago I met a fellow writer at a conference in San Francisco. S

Besides love of writing and a corporate work history, she and I share an ethnic heritage. These commonalities form an unspoken bond that makes our 20-year age gap meaningless. We sat way too long at breakfast in San Francisco last weekend; neither of us noticed the noisy, crowded room and busy wait staff as we talked–and belly-laughed–about families, vacations and writing.

How much do you laugh?

I once had a framed card in my house that said Life’s too mysterious, don’t take it serious! Advice that’s as good as it gets.

Trying to determine if someone’s a good friend?

Ask yourself, “how hard do we laugh together?”

Feeling down?

Find the ridiculous in your situation and get together with a friend who likes to laugh.

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