“Life’s too mysterious, don’t take it serious!”

October 4, 2023


Life’s too mysterious,
don’t take it serious!

For years I had this saying up in my house and I thought about it again the other month when a favorite cousin called me to say goodbye as I was leaving my hometown.

We were talking about how we connected later in our life and I said that I thought he is one of the very few people in my family who actually “sees” me.

“I feel the same,” he said, ” and you know why? I think it’s because we both have common sense. We look at things through that lens.”

“Yes,” I said, “and we don’t take ourselves too seriously!”

“Amen!” he responded. And it’s true–when he and I are in the same room, we are laughing constantly. Or, as they say in our hometown, “breaking each other’s balls.”

He introduces me as “my rebel cousin” and I introduce him as “my fellow black sheep.” And then we lauuuugh like crazy.

Get rid of that stick!

So today I wanted to point out how important it is not to have the proverbial stick up our behinds. If you know what I mean. And I’m sure you do because I am certain you know people who are like that. They are uptight. Easily offended. They’re very serious. And like to lecture. They enjoy playing the blame game. Judgment is a way of life.

My cousin and I are the opposite of that. We forgive easily, most of the time. We get that people are imperfect. That WE are imperfect, too.  And that, I think, it is what gives us the ability to laugh at ourselves–and at each other (but in a good way!) I don’t think either of us would’ve survived our childhoods without that ability.

And here’s the thing: my cousin and I are different in many ways. There are some places we just don’t go, because our differences are so great. The trick is that we know we don’t have to be alike to love each other–and to have a good relationship.

Because in the way that matters? The way of being human? The way of love? The way of appreciating each other for our hearts, our gifts, our talents– despite our differences? The way of laughter?

That’s the way we go. THAT is how we are alike. And THAT is what’s most important in life.

So cheers to my favorite cousin.

And to our motto: Life’s too mysterious, don’t take it serious!

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