Lighting candles in Santa Fe

October 5, 2013

candle cross st francisWhen I saw this at the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi in Santa Fe its simplicity reminded of early Christians, for some reason. I’ll take  simplicity over the baroque any day. It says more.

Candles play a big role in Catholicism, usually clustered before a statue of a Saint, or Jesus, or the Blessed Mother, and lit for prayer intentions. The candle represents the prayer, but of course, a prayer is usually said, as well.  “I’ll light a candle for you” is something Catholics say to each other, especially if one is in need of prayer.

candles lots

It’s hard for me to pass by a row of votives in a Catholic  church without wanting to light one. I’ve lit candles all over the world,  in churches in Italy, Ireland and pretty much every Catholic Church I’ve ever visited.

candle i litHere’s the one I lit in Santa Fe, for certain prayer intentions.

Blessings, healing and light.

If you think it was for you or your loved one, well, you’re right.

6 comments on “Lighting candles in Santa Fe
  1. What a lovely ritual, thank you for sharing.

    • admin says:

      I gave up the formal practice of Catholicism long ago, but certain rituals stick. I think it’s lovely, too. Thanks for coming by!

  2. Beautiful, Carol. I am sorry we couldn’t get together. So close, too. We were celebrating our 25th Anniversary and had 3 full days to explore the area – and we did. I miss it already!

    I want to know what kind of camera you use. Your photos are extraordinary!

    As a Jew, I still went to many churches around Santa Fe (even on the High Road to Taos) and am always drawn to sit and reflect inside of them. I did go to a Jesuit college so I am familiar with the Catholic religion. I loved the church downtown the most, from the outside – we didn’t have a chance to go in. Can’t remember the name of it…

    Lovely post, Carol. I want to hear ALL about the balloon fest. I wish my Scottsdale relatives had timed their event better so we would have been able to stay for the balloons in NM!

    • admin says:

      I’m sorry we missed each other, too, but what a lovely way to celebrate an anniversary. I had a nice afternoon with a girlfriend and then two full days with another–she and her husband live at 8000 feet with incredible views in an incredible home. It was a lovely 5 days. I have more posts coming on it all. We’re starting the fiesta tonight with the 7pm Mass Ascension. I’ll take some photos, for sure.
      Thanks for the compliment!My camera is just a Canon PowerShot SD 1200 IS. It’s 4 yrs old and I was going to upgrade it before India in Nov, but really, it’s still fine, so I haven’t. I know I have a good eye, and I try to hold the camera really still, there’s no big secret to it. Hope you are home safely and your dad is doing well. xoxo.

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