Like a bunny

March 31, 2013

Cute, no?
She’s a painting I saw in a San Francisco gallery last month.
I saved her for today.

So, the origin of the Easter bunny is a little hazy.
They say it’s German.
Something to do with hares being a symbol of fertility.
And their proclivity to mate.

Hence the term “fuc k like a bunny.”

Which is ironic, since the Easter Bunny is an iconic children’s character.

Folklore can be complicated.

Nonetheless, she’s adorable.

Easter is one of my favorite holidays.
It represents rebirth and reinvention — options always open to us in life.

What really happened to Christ is mysterious.
Did he rise from the dead?
Was he an apparition?
Was he even really dead?

I don’t look too closely at those things.
Just at the lesson.


A good way to start the spring.  {Yes, yes, I used the F word. I am a grownup and a writer. I used it for shock effect and I know it worked.}

4 comments on “Like a bunny
  1. Joyce Lansky says:

    The painting looks like something you could reach into and grab.

  2. Love the picture, he is precious! I can relate to your thoughts as well. I consider my faith to be a simple thing and try not to over complicate it with all the questions and mystery that so many others find so intriguing (just tune your TV to the history or learning channels, if they aren’t talking about aliens they are discussing the bible). 🙂

    BTW, I found your GBE2!

  3. Joyce, yes, it was that way in person! Tamara, so glad you found me!

  4. Wonderful bunny painting; she looks real. And your thoughts on the message behind the Easter holiday? Terrific.

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