Little-known facts about the Virgin Mary

March 21, 2013

Have you noticed that Popes seem to revere the Virgin Mary over any of the saints? That’s because she’s the greatest of all the saints.

In fact, Pope Pius XII dedicated the entire human race to Mary in 1944. Yes, the whole human race.

What does that mean, exactly?
1. She was presented in the temple and took a vow of virginity.
2.  When she and Joseph presented the baby Jesus in the temple, she received advance word of sorrows yet to come.
3. In 1854, Pope Pius IX proclaimed that she was free of original sin at her conception.  That’s when the concept of the Immaculate Conception was born. Immaculately of course.
4. Like any good mother, ask and ye shall receive. Catholics see her as the source of all good things.

Virgin head

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