Live agelessly: we’re not done yet!

August 15, 2012

The Diva’s all about living her best life at any age, and that means living agelessly–which is a worthy goal for us all.

Age is meaningless, really, just a number that means less than lots of other numbers, such as blood pressure and T-cells, for example.

Another Tshirt

But it’s a number that some of us stress way too much about. Like I did the other night when I said my age out loud to someone. Whoaaa! what a shock! It was the first time I’d had to speak the number aloud and it was jarring.

Still, we are the first generation that is working hard to be ageless.

So when I saw this product line in New York, I loved it immediately, because it celebrates the fact that we can age without being old. If you know what I mean.

The brand is NDY: Not Done Yet, and that says it all…and Diva’s readers get 25% off for using the code NDY25OFF (all capital letters)

Click HERE for the website. They aren’t paying me, I’m not getting commission, I just love these products and am happy to pass the discount along to you.

If you are or know a woman of a certain age, these would make unique gifts. For example:

I love this hat

This very cool hat. If you’re looking for something to give me for Christmas, it would be this hat, which also comes in black. I like them both, but black’s probably more practical. Just saying. “Not done yet” is my life theme, too.

Refill your coffee with this reminder

What about this NDY thermal coffee cup? No? You want clothes? Here you go:

Not done yet, for sure!

Ahh, the shirt. It says been there, not done yet.  Me, too, by the way. And there are several other t-shirts on the website, click HERE to see them.

This generation ageless water bottle is blinged up a bit. Not my style, but I know a few women who would would love it. And if you’re irreverent, as I am, here’s the shirt for you:

For the completely irreverent

All gifts are not only 25% of with the code above, but are gift wrapped like this, also free. A deal, right?

 Christmas is just four shopping months away. Wouldn’t it be fun to stock up on some of these now at a discount?

Yes, Boomer girls, the Diva’s always looking out for you, whether it’s a discount or a great new product.

2 comments on “Live agelessly: we’re not done yet!
  1. Carol April says:

    Darling Diva Carol!
    Thank you SO much for such a Rockin’ review of ndy® not done yet! Thanks for the clever, cool comments and your genuine support of our message. We so appreciate being featured on Middle-Aged Diva and hope your devoted Diva Readers will take advantage of the exclusive NDY25OFF promotion! Thanks again for the amazing shout out!
    xoxo Carol April

  2. Carol April says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

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