Living in harmony with nature

October 5, 2010

This beautiful B&B is the creation of Micha and Diana Baur. Color and texture in harmony with nature provide a visual feast every day.

Many old features have been repurposed, grounding the new in the old. Tiles become stairs, wooden frames are wall features, old doors turn into new entryways.

Life here in the countryside is rooted in the natural world. Leaving behind our schedules and the tyranny of technology, life takes on a new rhythm.

We connect with nature in a different way when we are here, with a deeper understanding of the inevitability with which it adapts and takes its course.

There is much to learn on a vacation like this, and the time to learn it.

It’s a beautiful and peaceful place to stay, so much so that sometimes it’s hard to leave the property.

This home-away-from-home represents Diana’s aesthetic. The unique piece of artwork below is only one example of what she does with ceramics in her studio.

Just about every piece of art in the three guest rooms are hers.

All of the plates, bowls and cups used daily come from her wheel and kiln.

So much beauty. We hate to leave. But this morning we drive back to Genoa and spend tonight there to prepare for our early morning flight to Paris and on to SFO.

It rained all yesterday and we stayed in, reading, writing and resting. Thinking and talking about how we feel about this place. How lovely it would be to stay in this idyll. We are, after all, guests, with no responsibilities at all.

And yet, our dogs await us, and our new home; the life we are building together is wonderful and we’re also happy to be going back to it.

We are rested and refreshed.

And so, we’ll take the road down the hill this morning, bidding our friends and this lovely place goodbye.

Until next time.

2 comments on “Living in harmony with nature
  1. Diana Strinati Baur says:

    Thank you for your kind words about our little hill here. It was great to see you guys again! We try our best to live in harmony with nature whenever possible, and luckily for us, in this environment, it’s often possible.


  2. I can’t believe we’re home. I’ve cried when leaving a place only twice and once was Yosemite. the other was Tuesday when we left the hill.

    We LOVE the hill. And of course, seeing you and Micha and Max. Whom we saw wandering at the bottom of the road on our way out…. Sending love. And thanks!

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