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February 1, 2010

Or will be. One day. When all this stuff is unpacked.

Sometimes, it feels like it will take forever. But as we take emptied boxes to the garage, we start to see our progress.

Yesterday, one of the cupboard shelves collapsed as I was putting wine glasses away, taking out three of our new red plates. Apparently, the shelf was missing a bracket.

Ironically, at the time, I was, obsessing about installing cupboard latches so an earthquake wouldn’t take out all our dishes.

The phone guys came yesterday (Sunday!) and replaced the line from our house to the pole, which had been damaged by recent storms.

Comcast arrives today to install cable TV and internet. Since the van with the TVs was a day late, when they came Friday installation was not possible.

The movers packed up the TVs and M’s challenge yesterday was to locate the cords and remotes to TVs and DVDs so we could actually let them test the TV. We had the remotes with us (my brilliant idea) but the cords were another story. The movers didn’t label.

They also packed up the lamps in various pieces. We have yet to find a whole lamp. At all. This is problematic, considering the very dim, ecologically correct light in most of the house. This must be corrected soon, before we both get seasonal affective disorder.

Also today the movers are sending someone to uncrate our Peter Max painting, which I bought years ago in San Jose. They have specialists who crate and uncrate artwork and his cohort built a crate for it in Tampa.

Tomorrow, our dining room table arrives. Yay! And we are expecting the delivery guy for the brown leather chair to call with a delivery date.

Wednesday, The Spring of Tampa Bay picks up my leftover furniture and goods in Tampa.

Yesterday, my rockin’ realtor, Marlene Ryan (now with Keller Williams) called to say that the house cleaners were done, the exterior had been pressure washed and the “one of a kind” sign is up on my adorable Tampa house.

“I’ll call you as soon as I sell it,” she says. Marlene and I have bought and sold a half dozen times since 1996, and she’s a true South Tampa pro, so I know it will probably be sooner, rather than later. Even in this market.

I know a lot of realtors, but she’s the only one for me. Because she makes it happen. And fast.

The day stretches ahead… more unpacking.

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