Load the dice today

December 27, 2013

Roll dice happyday

That’s right.

We roll the dice every single day–why not load them to make sure that it’s a happy day?

Choose three things you’ll do today to make your day happier.

No ideas? Here are a few:

Take a nap. Guilt-free.

Call your grandchild.

Read a few chapters in a good book.

Cook something luscious.

Write a letter–with pen and ink.

Take a bike ride.

Order takeout for dinner.

Spend a few minutes petting or playing with your dog or cat.

Page through a magazine at your leisure.

Step away from your computer. Do anything you like–but not at your computer.

Have a happy day! and if you’d like to share your three things below, I’d love to know what they are.

While we’re talkin’ dice, I think I’ll do a giveaway–I have some delicious holiday tea from Celestial Seasonings and Riley will choose one winner at random from the commenters who tell us the three things they’ll do to make a happier day for themselves.

Comment below on the blog, please!


17 comments on “Load the dice today
  1. PatU says:

    A good reminder, Carol

  2. Great reminder that we have the power to control how we approach life. Easy one for me today, as my grandkids arrive for our belated Christmas. So I’ll have snuggle time, my 7 year old granddaughter reading to me, time with my son and permission to just be Nana Wawa!

  3. Ryder Ziebarth says:

    I’m officially stepping off the Christmas cookie/candy hamster wheel; I am taking a walk with Petal in this beautiful fresh air, which I really haven’t breathed- in fully, in five days, and I am NOT going to cry once today, because EVERYONE is leaving me tomorrow including my husband ( to Florida with his horses for the winter, with visits home until March-)And for good measure, I am putting on a real pair of pants.
    Happy New Year!

  4. Fantastic! You made my day….I am going to go for a long walk in the conservation area near my home. Then I will take a hot bath to warm up. And my thirds thing will be to curl up with a book by the fire.

    Sounds like a perfect day!

  5. toni littlestone says:

    This would be a good thing to think about every single day–thank you for the idea! Today, I’m going to spend some time reading my new book I got for Christmas about animals who love each other from different species, “Unlikely Loves,” I’ll clear up a piled-up corner of my bedroom, creating more spaciousness and order, which feels so great, and I’ll go out to dinner with my darling grad school son, who’s usually too busy with studying but has a bit more flexibility over the holidays. Just thinking about these things is bringing a smile to my face!

  6. Rhonda Schroeder says:

    1. I gave both kitties extra loves and kitty cookies.
    2. My daughter will be visiting from Monterey so I will take her and her bf out for dinner.
    3. I will paste a new gratitude on my gratitude board at work. Just looking at all i have to be thankful for makes me feel good!

  7. Yvonne Wray says:

    Today I will have a group of family arriving. I will slow down…
    Sit and watch the fire in the wood stove with another.
    Stand outside in the cool air with the sun on my face feeling my body.
    Notice and enjoy the rise and fall (and rise and fall and rise…) of energy in the household.

    Writing this I already feel happier. Thank you.

  8. Doreen McGettigan says:

    Today I am eating banana bread warm with butter, drinking lots of my favorite tea and writing all of which make me smile.
    Have a great weekend!

  9. Laura Kennedy says:

    I love this. Been thinking all day: Load the Dice. GREAT IDEA.

  10. Melinda! says:

    My fave dice play? Catching up on all the stuff in the Netflix queue:-)

    Loved your suggestions, particularly the part about doing them without guilt!

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