Riley’s Lobster Award

July 1, 2015

Lobster awardWhen my mom told me I’d gotten a Lobster Award, I was so excited! I do love seafood.  She said her friend, Kim Tackett of Tour of No Regrets nominated me. Mom was nominated by another blogging friend, but she accidentally deleted the message and can’t remember who it was, because she’s old and her brain doesn’t work so well.  Anyway, Mom says Kim’s a cool woman who digs dogs (and lobsters) so I was happy to play along. She said that bloggers give other bloggers the Lobster, to expand our circle of online friends and help us get to know each other. Mom met Kim at a blog conference a couple years back and likes her, but I haven’t actually gotten a sniff yet.

Ri M walkAnyway, here are my responses to the Lobster questions. But first, 11 facts about me.

  1. I was born in Seattle.
  2. My biological father was a 2.5 lb toy poodle and my biological mother was a 6 lb. maltese. I am 11 lbs. Mom can’t figure out why. (More kibble, please…)
  3. I have lived in Tampa, on the Monterey peninsula and now live in Silicon Valley (San Jose, Calif.)
  4. I love most people, even my vet.
  5. But I can be snippy and snappy.
  6. Wrap anything in turkey and I’ll devour it.
  7. My vocabulary is probably around 400 words.
  8. I have taught myself numerous commands, such as Go to your bed, puppy to his room, go get your___.
  9. My most favorite visitors are young people.
  10. I think Daddy is a big dog.
  11. Mommy is my bitch. Not literally, though.

1. What is your dream destination?

I have to admit that Pet Food Express is a dream destination. It’s got everything: toys, treats, foods and also small animals for me to torment.  The front doors open automatically when I walk toward them and I zoom in and have a ball.

2. What places have you visited that you thought were highly overrated?

Doggy day care in California.  I used to love doggy day care in Tampa. In fact, I ran the joint. But here in California, I just don’t like the crowd.

Also, the small plane gates at LAX are staffed by nasty people who got pissed at Mom, literally, when she got out my potty pad in the ladies room so I could go. I mean, she was going to throw it out after I used it. Also they didn’t like me to get out of my cage for the entire three-hour layover. NOT NICE.  LAX is very overrated.

Oh, and the groomer. Miss Nancy is nice, but grooming is very overrated. Like the vet.

I don't see a need to leave the country when I can find crop circles just down the street.

I don’t see a need to leave the country when I can find crop circles just down the street.

3. What is your favorite U.S. destination?

Mom and I had a great layover once in Galveston when a fuel gauge broke on our airplane. The nice flight attendants let me get out of my under-seat carrier and greet some of the passengers in our row.  We were there a couple of hours.

I'm sniffing you right now.

I’m sniffing you right now.

4. What makes you happy?

Going to ‘nose’ class, where I learn to find things by scent.

I failed to mention how much I love to play ball & watch TV.

I failed to mention how much I love to play ball & watch TV.

5. Why did you start blogging?

Mom’s always hanging around the computer. One day when she was in the shower I typed a few words and before you know it, well, I was blogging.

My daily walks are fun, too.

My daily walks are fun, too.

6. What are your top three bucket list items?

Visiting a worm farm so I can roll around in them to my heart’s content.
Having my own car and chauffeur (I love road trips), although Dad does pretty well.
But really, my bucket list is full. I’m living the dream right now.

Ri Walk

Rooting around for worms to roll in.

 7. What is one piece of advice you would offer or one saying you live by?

Always stand  your ground, and if that doesn’t work, growl. You can bite, but only selectively.

8. What is the best thing anyone has ever said about your blog?

That I looked like royalty. Yeah, it’s all about me.

9. What is your ultimate guilty pleasure?

Whipped cream from an aerosol can. I know, the environment. But, still.

10. What is one product or service you cannot live without?

Kibble. I love me my kibble.  I am addicted. But I can quit any time. Ok, no, I can’t.

There's no place like home!

There’s no place like home!

11. What two countries make you the happiest to visit?

Turkey. Hamburg, Germany.  OH. Mom just said their names don’t refer to food. Oh well.


Mom says it ISN’T a Lobster Award, after all. It’s a LIEBSTER Award.  Well, as Emily Litella would say:

Never mind.

Yes, that's a wink.

Yes, that’s a wink.

Are you interested in more of my posts? Here’s my last one, or you can go to Mom’s home page and scroll down to Dogville, where I am featured prominently.

I’m supposed to pass this on to a few other bloggers, but it’s hard to find bloggers who haven’t already gotten a Lobster, I mean LIEBSTER. There are a few blogs I enjoy every day with Mom, and I want to share them with you.  They can do a Lobster or not, as they choose!

Carolann at Sassy Townhouse Living has a really interesting blog and finds some the coolest products Mom has ever seen.

Ruth at Cranium Crunches just came out with a new book about brain health and everyone should buy it. Especially older folks. It’s called Being Brain Healthy. Here it is.

Rena blogs about her journey as an Alzeheimer’s caregiver. There isn’t a sweeter soul. Read her here.

Nancy at has the best healthy recipes around. So tasty! Mom is on her site several times a week, here, for meal planning.

Dr. Margaret Rutherford is a very cool psychologist Mom met at a blog conference. She has the most interesting and helpful take on life. For humans, not us dogs, of course. Humans need more help. And she is a really nice person. Check her blog out here.

Check out Miss Kim’s blog HERE, though, too.  Until next time!

37 comments on “Riley’s Lobster Award
  1. Haralee says:

    I think Riley does a great interview. Lobster works for me too!

  2. What a darling post. Riley has such insight. I’m so flattered to be part of his likes.
    Thanks Riley and thanks sweet Carol.

  3. Riley would love Duffy’s book!

  4. Carol Graham says:

    I think you are on to something Riley. My pups are jealous of you — they want an award too. I’ll see what I can do for them.

  5. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    What an interesting post. Congratulations to Riley on the award.!

  6. Fun! An excellent twist on the Liebster award!

  7. Amy says:

    I love it! Great job Riley!

  8. Mohntage says:

    Seriously! This is so cute! LOVE the answers and the dog!

  9. haha! This is great. Ava and Sebastian would agree on having a chauffer and car. Seb would like one with a ramp because he’s 15 and too big for me to lift him into the Jeep. Ava would like a chauffer and vehicle that don’t know how to get to the vet’s office.

  10. Debbie says:

    This is the best Liebster, er Lobster award I’ve ever read. Riley IS royalty.

  11. Riley is too cute! Reminds me of our little Shi Tzu Maltese mix.

  12. Oooooh am I glad it’s a Liebster and not a lobster. I am deathly allergic to those things. They do look tasty though with all that butter dipping and all…
    Riley is very good at this blogging thing and definitely deserves that award!

  13. Ruth Curran says:

    Oh Riley, you and I have so much in common! We started blogging in much the same way — you know someone takes a shower, some else sits down at the keyboard, and the rest is history. And we both love food and places that sound like food. And smelling stuff. I can’t wait to meet IRL this fall! Your mom is pretty freaking awesome so I am sure the apple did not fall far from the tree :)!

  14. You have a very cute looking dog there. Congratulations on the award.

  15. Anna says:

    OMG this was adorable. I love dogs…they are so amazing. I grew up near San Jose as well but am now in the UK, so it was nice to have a bit of nostalgia. This is so cute though!

  16. Carolann says:

    At first, when I read lobster award I thought…well maybe she is playing on the words lol. It’s called a Liebster Award but I’ll take the lobster for sure lol. Thanks much for the nomination. I did one last year and it was much fun!

  17. That is really awesome! You have such an adorable dog, what a great award to win.

  18. Love the twist on the Liebster! I actually really love reading other peoples answers, it’s so much more fun than the typical “Q&A” section on some blogs I’ve read! :p

  19. Michelle Hwee says:

    awww how lovely! Congrats 🙂 I loved the pictures, very cute! Learning more about the pup is great as well!

  20. OMG..that’s gotta be the reddest lobster ever. Hopefully Riley appreciates his award.

  21. catherine c. says:

    i love your story , a great award to win i love your dog also it was very adorable hopefully riley appreciated his reward.

  22. Man, that sweetie gives better interviews than I do… I’m jealous! Congrats on your lobster award! What a fun little thing to do with your puppy! – Jerusha,

  23. Jeanine says:

    How cute! What a sweet post. Riley is adorable. Amazing award to win!

  24. Dogvills says:

    Congratulations on your award Riley! I’m sure you love the nose class! My dogs would love that award, too.

  25. Elizabeth O. says:

    Hi Riley! It’s nice to know a few things about you. You are one sweet pup. Congrats on your award!

  26. Rachel says:

    Took me a sec to realize what was going on, but when I did… too cute!

  27. Liz Mays says:

    That’s so nice that the flight attendants let you get a little exercise on the plane! It sounds like you’ve had some other cranky people along the way though. 🙁

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