London Dispatch: Scenes from the city

June 9, 2013

phone booth

There’s a generation alive today that has no idea what this is and will never use one.

rugbyNothing says England better than rugby. Except maybe cricket and the only thing I’ve read here remotely like cricket is a story about the cicada invasion in the northeastern U.S. And that’s not the same thing at all, is it?

polish me cu

The mind goes wild with possibilities, doesn’t it?

ciggiePeople are still doing it over here. Not as many as used to, though.

window pretty

Window pretties are the same the world over.


There’s no accounting for fashion sense. Not a costume.

tea rm


snake plateI thought this was interesting at the V&A.  Then I found out how very interesting it really was:

snake plate explanaWho knew?

IMG_5249Clever, clever, clever. Pick your back and try it!  At the V&A.

harrodsThe one, the only, the venerable.

cabsignBlack cabs are slowly disappearing. Now, they’re mobile advertising opportunities.

IMG_5192Pubs are still around, though.

IMG_5270This could be anywhere. But isn’t.

burberryThe original.

IMG_5244When these came out of the kiln, I’ll bet the potter didn’t expect they’d star at the V&A.

jubileesign60 years and the old Dame’s still around. Love it.

4 comments on “London Dispatch: Scenes from the city
  1. Evalyn Baron says:

    I LOVE London……our last trip there was Peter’s first, and it was like re-discovering the city for me….i feel so at home there! ANd your photos are reminding me of that….thanks for these wonderful posts, dear Carol! xxev

  2. Susan Cooper says:

    I do love England. Harrods is my all time favorite department store, especially the food department. Oh and we can’t forget their Stilton Cheese… yum

  3. Chloe Jeffreys says:

    I have a serious case of travel envy looking at these photos. We loved London. It looks like you are loving it, too. By the way, the one phone booth I went in smelled of urine. Blech. But they are pretty on the outside.

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