Looking beyond the present to possibility

May 9, 2009

Letting go has to be one of the hardest lessons. We all have to do it at one point or another, whether it’s letting go of a relationship, a job, a child, a much loved home, a dream or something else.

I read somewhere that letting go is the natural release that always follows the realization that holding on is an energy drain that hurts us in some way.

Letting go happens effortlessly when there is no other choice, and that’s how far I usually have to take it. Effortless, but not easier. Having the amount of endurance I do has never really served me.

What we’re usually attached to is what I call “the dream.” We hold on most tightly to our hopes and dreams. Even when there are huge obstacles. We just don’t want to loosen our grip.

The adage “Dreams die hard” comes to mind.

I love the concept of “fever dreams”. The ones we have when we are in a hopeless love affair. They are, indeed, hotter than a pepper sprout. And just as unpalatable.

But letting go applies to so much more than love.

To see what is farther we must be willing to change our gaze. To focus on something farther on. Something we can’t see that clearly just yet, but that we know is there.

It’s that glimpse of the possibilities that can drive us. If we let it.

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