Looking for his pack

April 21, 2009

Oh, he is so pathetic. He and I are home alone today and he was wandering around the patio so forlornly.

Riley is a social dog who enjoys the company of his pack, and since he is an only dog, that means at daycare. After a day of playing hard with his little thug-pals, he comes home all hyped up, like a kid in need of Ritalin. After about an hour of hyperactivity, during which he treats me like another dog, nipping and leaping (giving new meaning to “he treats me like a dog”), he collapses from exhaustion. And rests easily all night.

But oh, those days alone–I can see how much he likes to socialize. He is looking for his pack. I’m reminded of this:

2 comments on “Looking for his pack
  1. TJ says:

    I just love hearing about Riley. Looks like he’s got a wonderful life and enjoys it.

  2. Oh he, does TJ, and so would you, if you ruled the world like he does!!!

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