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July 25, 2009

More bicoastal life. That looks like our direction right now. Wintering and more in Florida. Enjoying California when Florida gets miserable.

Preparing for and taking a horrendous bar exam just to be “of counsel” for two years makes no sense. That’s precious time M. and I could be spending together. If we moved 100%, he’d have to do that.

So, at least for a couple years, we will probably keep Tampa going 7 months a year to retain our Florida residency, even as we buy a California house. That’s ok: Florida needs our Democratic votes. And I can continue to hang out with my friends. Which I like a lot!

The downside is that the house is too small for our menagerie, but we’ll manage. And then the entire family goes on the road periodically.

This discussion has been a good example of partnership in action. M. and I are feeling our way through meeting one another’s needs. He is skilled at partnering. I’ve been surprised at how surprised I am by that. It tells me that I haven’t really had a true partner in a very long time, if at all.

Today, his entire Coral Gables household is being sold. Everything but about four boxes, a mattress and a box spring. It’s a step he is taking so we can organize our new life together. He’s doing well with it. But can you imagine how emotional that must be? It has to be hard. Really hard.

How do the mass media shape our society? What impact has the internet had on us? Do media shape gender roles? How does advertising support stereotypes?

These are some of the questions I’ll be posing this fall, as I teach Mass Media & Society for the first time. My department chair asked me if I was interested, and of course, I was. But only if we were staying in Florida for the semester. After talking to M., I agreed. Lots of critical thinking called for by students, and I can’t wait to sink my teeth into it. This will be the third course I’ve taught at UT and the fifth college course I’ve taught, which helps build my CV. Because once we are settled in California, I’ll want to teach there.

And if you’d like a treat, grab your coffee or tea and head on over to www.lolaina.com.
It’s a visual feast –a smart, sophisticated blog on living the sweet life. Beautiful photographs, a potpourri of content and fun to read.

Laura Gaskill, whose site it is, has a great sense of style and design, which translates into the look and feel of her site. It’s a favorite bookmark of mine and I look at it every day. In fact, I get it delivered to my email address. No, don’t know Laura and can’t even remember how I found the site.

Warm wishes and love for a beautiful Saturday. Peace/out for now.

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