Is there such thing as “the love of my life”?

February 14, 2024


This is a good day to consider the question: Is there just one right mate for each of us? The person we call “the love of my life”?

Or is it just a fairy tale…a romantic notion…a fictional recreation of reality?

I hear “He’s the love of my life” a lot these days. It’s a constant in popular culture. But what does it really mean?

It’s true that some people have greater affinity for one another. Also true that physical attraction is real. That’s what I think people mean when they say “the love of my life.” It’s the person you are attracted to on many levels, but primarily physically.

It’s a wonderful thing when it happens.

But it’s not the same as being able to make a life together. Not at all.

So is it really “the love of my life”?

There are almost 8 billion people in the world,  There are 332 million people in my country. It’s hard for me to believe that there’s only one person suited for each person in this entire huge world.

So what are your thoughts? I’d love to know — so please do leave me your thoughts in the comments!

Oh, and BTW, if you don’t have a valentine today, be your own valentine! Buy yourself flowers. Candy. Or be good to yourself in any way you like.

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4 comments on “Is there such thing as “the love of my life”?
  1. Jennifer says:

    The love of my life is the one I stay connected with physically, emotionally, and intellectually. The one who continues to learn and grow with me every day.

  2. Alana says:

    I know several people who had a wonderful, loving relationship, but their mate left our world. Eventually, they found someone else to love and share their life with. Just from their example, I know that “the love of my life” isn’t necessarily a one and only true love. Which, in a way, can be a comfort.

  3. I agree–finding a “soulmate” or “love of my life” are almost mythical ideas.

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