Love, old + new

February 14, 2014

th-1The innocence of old Valentine’s Day cards speaks of a simpler age, when love was sweet and touching. Don’t you love historical valentines? it’s good that we have a day devoted to love. If you haven’t told loved ones how much they mean to you, today’s the perfect day. It’s something you’ll never regret.

3197323142_474ce3a92e_zThese quaint old saying are adorable and so are the sweet illustrations.

Here’s my first Valentine of the season:

Valentine MichMy sister-in-love gave it to me when we got together in NYC this week.

I love how old school it looks…very similar to the real antique above it!


Love is forged, this antique Valentine seems to say, and i don’t disagree. It does take some work.

mba+love+Love+Quotes+From+MoviesSome words really resonate and the “empty space” so perfectly captures what it feels like to be in love.

3246979097_39dedcc8fc_zGirlfriend love. But this has real tinges of romance, to me.

3228287361_d1fa29a146_zBad Valentine’s Day punning.

Love is like oxygen…

3252762877_54d1efa175_zWhat’s a love pop?

Not sure I agree with this.


If what?


Love this.

th-2What do you think the next line is?

So, did you send any valentines today?

10 comments on “Love, old + new
  1. These are awesome! When I was a young girl, I LOVED it when our grade school class passed out all those little envelopes with Valentines inside. The sayings were so cute!

  2. Julie Phelps says:

    Such a treat, perusing these older Valentine’s Day cards.
    Thank you.
    I sent out none – am doing the delivery in person. I will also copy and paste a few of these into an email to my love 🙂

  3. Those are cute. I sent V-day cards to my granddaughters!

  4. admin says:

    Awww….how lucky you are to have grandkids!

  5. Karen @ Baking In A Tornado says:

    Loved this walk down Valentine Card memory lane. I had forgotten how cute and funny and sentimental those old cards had been. Progress has not been kind to Valentine Day cards.

  6. LOVE!!! Man, brings back the days when we could not send cards online!!! 🙂

  7. Next Line: My heart is ringing for you.

    Nice post Carol.

  8. Kathy says:

    Those cards were so cute. Some of them definitely brought back memories. I did get my granddaughter a card.

    Thanks for sharing

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