Luxurious packaging makes the gift

November 10, 2012

I just love beautiful packaging.  A small gift charmingly wrapped is a pleasure to receive.

I saw these lovely artisanal soaps in a San Francisco shop the other day. The elegant, distinctive wrap caught my eye first, and of course, I love the idea of a sugared shea butter soap. {I just don’t like floral scents at all. Except in flowers} Had to get one for me and a couple for gifts.

The big bar was a hefty, luxurious handful, so its price wasn’t completely off-putting.  It’s not like I’d buy it all the time. Just once in a while, to indulge myself. And to indulge someone I care about.

Bought this to give as a gift. And another.

This is the kind of thoughtful gift that any woman would love to receive. So if you’re thinking about a hostess gift for Thanksgiving or even a holiday gift, fresh soaps should be on your list.

It’s already opened and in my shower.
This one’s next up.

Bought these goodies for myself and am loving Sugar already!

Nearby, I found a tiny gourmet sweet shoppe that specialized in British candies.  That’s the thing about strolling in the city: every block can bring a new discovery. The suburbs, where I live? Not so much.

When I saw the pastel packages in the window, I had to go in. The clerk was a big help (although later, I saw Yelp reviews to the contrary). She told me the shop had been there for five years, and just got a mention in O magazine. Best of all, O found fiona’s, not the other way around.

I’m certain the darling graphics and packaging were what got an editor’s attention first, and then the jazzy flavors: cola fizzes, orange sherbet, salted caramels, lime–so many!

We’re all so health-conscious, I never think to bring candy as a gift, and yet,  Fiona’s pretty bags make an adorable small indulgence. And how about the tins behind it?

I had to get some. I think I know who the lucky recipients will be, too.

My purchases

Got any thoughts on this? What’s the best packaging you’ve seen?

10 comments on “Luxurious packaging makes the gift
  1. I agree that packaging can make so much difference. Think about store brands that repackage their goods from “Generic” to Upscale. Doesn’t it make you feel better about buying them. The same goes for nice clothing. A nice package can make a generic person so much more appealing.

  2. I owned a chocolate business for 10 years and loved to create beautiful gift baskets. I used cardboard boxes with beautiful designs on them. When I closed the business, I had quite a few boxes left. I use them for many of my gifts (instead of traditional boxes) and people love them.

  3. I had a chocolate business for many years and created gift baskets with beautifully designed boxes instead of the traditional wicker baskets, etc…After I closed my business, I had a lot of these boxes left. I use them for many of my gifts instead of a regular box and wrapping paper and people love them.

  4. Janie Emaus says:

    I agree about the packaging. These are lovely.

  5. Home Place says:

    I did my MBA Capstone Project on the difference that luxury wrapping makes. We took inexpensive articles and wrapped them in beautiful ribbons and gift baskets. What a difference packaging makes!

  6. Jo Heroux says:

    I do agree packaging will get you to buy one time, but if the goods disappoint you probably won’t return. So it’s stand to reason quality packaging for quality items works!

    Love the soap wraps!

  7. Kelly Louise says:

    Beautiful and I love good soap.

  8. i agree 100% and LOVE to “wrap to the hilt” in creative ways!!

    Now thinking about handbags…you “carry around” the package..hence the reason so many Louis Vuitton etc can get souls to “pay the price” ahhh yes distinctive pleasure indeed!! Sometimes hidden for private viewing and others decorate for ALL TO SEE 🙂

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