Macarons: Oreos for the rich

February 8, 2013

Sweet, meringuey macarons are everywhere these days, piles of pastel pastries, sweet and scrumptious. I’ve heard them referred to as “Oreos for the rich,” and perhaps they are.
They’ve certainly taken a starring role in products recently.

french macaron jewelry

Found this on Etsy. Eh. Not so cute.

From Paper Source, stationery, cards and cute little trinket boxes.
They’re irresistibly cute, these little pastel confections.

And have you noticed that macarons are popping up in advertising?
How perfect is this Clinique ad? (I love Clinique ads: clean, spare, lots of white space and pops of color. Striking.)

And not to be outdone, Estee Lauder is also in on the trend. Don’t you wonder who decides what the trend of the moment is?

laduree macarons in package

The real thing. The most famous purveyor of French macarons

Really French. Delicious and beautifully packaged. Don’t they make a luscious and luxurious little gift? Edible jewels, that’s what they are, and how lovely to get these for Valentine’s Day.

Trader Joe's frozen macarons

Trader Joe’s has a dozen chocolate and vanilla in their freezer case. Not bad. Not authentic, but not bad.

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