Macbeth’s Thane of Cawdor

June 16, 2010

Yes, there’s a castle here that relates to Shakespeare and yes, it belonged to the Thane of Cawdor and is still owned by his descendants.

It’s a small castle with a dry moat, a maze, a garden and a gift shop, all the standard components of castles today. This one is still lived in by the second wife of the late most recent Thane, at least in the winter.

One of the family members wrote the identifying plaques and he had quite a sarcastic wit. Each one had an attitude like this one: “of all the medals won by the Campbell-Cawdors, this is undoubtedly the most obscure.”

My favorite part of the castle was the needlepoint pillow that said “This house is run for the sole comfort and convenience of our Jack Russell.”

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