Magic bus, magic bus

June 21, 2010

It wasn’t the Merry Pranksters’ Magic Bus, which probably would have made it a better way to travel. I mean, Ken Kesey was a great travel agent.

This was our first experience with the bus tour and it had advantages and disadvantages.

On the plus side:

  • It was a 5-star tour, so we stayed in fabulous places and were assured of the finest meals and plenty of them.
  • No driving on the “wrong” side of the road or having to find our way around.
  • No planning or thinking, just show up.
  • If anything went wrong, it wasn’t our problem.
  • We met interesting people.

On the negative side:

  • Our schedule was two nights in the first place, two in the second and three in the last place. That meant we were constantly packing and unpacking. Or living out of a case.
  • Our time was not our own. We had to adhere to a schedule. So if the group was to be in one place for three hours and we were done in one, we had to wait around.
  • Meals were usually scheduled and there was way too much rich food. We wouldn’t have eaten that way, but since it was in front of us…
  • Way too much sedentary time.
  • Some of the stops were places we might not have chosen on our own.

The trip home was grueling. Such a long layover and two very long flights. But until teleporting becomes feasible, we’re stuck. We’re suffering jet lag now and are sleep-deprived.

We’re glad we did this trip, and it was a great way to taste the two countries. But we can get the benefits of a tour without the disadvantages by cruising (our hotel moves with us), and that’s probably what we’ll do next time.

No question we want to return to Dublin on our own, maybe for a week or so. It’s a fairly easy trip and we can probably do it on miles.

I’m not sure there’s enough in the Scottish Highlands to keep M. interested. But for sure, when I need to relax, that’ll be the place I go in my mind.

My littlest dog is following me around. In fact, I got up at 2a.m. and he followed me to the bathroom. I guess he was worried I wouldn’t come back. He’s also been naughty this morning. Of course. His “aunties” (our petsitters) made him toe the line for two weeks. Us? Hopeless.

M is catching up on conference calls.I’ve got a huge load of wash in, the first of several. I’ve fed all the dogs, mainlined coffee and paid bills, and it’s not even 8a.m. in California.

It’s good to be home.

2 comments on “Magic bus, magic bus
  1. Diana Strinati Baur says:

    and you know your next outing will be quite different in terms of your time being your own :)- but still I think it was fabulous that you got to see this extremely interesting part of the world. it would interest me as well to go there. Welcome home!

  2. Yes, girlfriend, our next European jaunt is at YOUR PLACE! in just 3 months and we can’t wait. We talked about it twice on the trip and once on the flight yesterday. So you know M. is dying to just veg on your patio and I am dying to use the time to write. ALSO pick a few days for real studio time. Do you do mixed media collages, by any chance? That has interested me….just thinking.

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