Makeup trends: what’s old is new again

July 12, 2015

Cosmetic trends-what's old is new again (1)I love the fashion and beauty industries. There really is very little new in either, just a recycling of old fashion and makeup trends that were once fresh and new. So I smiled when I read that for 2015, red-red lips are on trend and black winged eyeliner is in style. They’re from two different eras, of course, but what’s old is new again, in a fun kind of way.
liz-red-lipsYes, that’s the beautiful Elizabeth Taylor whose full lips were painted red back in the day in striking contrast to her light complexion and dark hair. Do you remember Max Factor? It was big in Hollywood and of course, founded in 1900 by a Polish Jew cosmetician whose real name was too hard to pronounce so he made it easy. Proctor & Gamble bought the brand in 1991. They say it’s still around, but I haven’t seen much of it. Or have I?


Blondes also look terrific in red lipstick. Of course, Marilyn was a great beauty who looked fabulous in any makeup at all.


Taylor Swift carries the red lip off well in the 21s century, don’t you think?  She’s quite cute. Oh Taylor, come out already, will ya?

red lipstick    black womanBlack women also wear red lipstick well.  This beauty also shows us a bit of a winged eyeliner, so let’s move on to the next “new” trend: the cat eye or black “winged eyeliner.”

Black liquid eyeliner is the only way to do a wing!

11054857715_45fde2935c_zThis Maybelline model has the winged eyeliner, although it’s not too extreme.  What IS extreme is the arch in her brows–holy moley! That arch practically hits her hairline.

Remember when the matte black winged eyeliner look was popular in the 1960s? My half a generation older cousin Angie’s black bouffant hair and black winged eyeliner defined the trend when I was a teenager. I can still see her today clear as day, although she is long gone.

eyeliner3Getting a perfect winged line is fairly easy. Here’s how we do it today (below).

winged-eyeliner-tutorialAnd below, an Asian woman demonstrates it. Apparently, the outline is required. Filled in, it forms the wing.
 I have to admit, the red lip and cat eye seem more appropriate for young. By midlife, those tiny lip lines mean that lipstick feathers and doesn’t look as smooth as the perfect cupid’s bow, below.  And, of course, our little eye wrinkles make it difficult to achieve a smooth, matte black eye line. Not to mention how crazy we look with a winged eye after a certain age.


So how do you feel about makeup trends that go back in time? Do you think we can pull them off? Do you wear either?

12 comments on “Makeup trends: what’s old is new again
  1. Let’s see, the last time I wore bright red lipstick was when I was opening at the Pyramid Lounge in the Fairmount Hotel in Dallas! That was 1984 – a heck of a long time and life ago. But who knows? Perhaps I shall buy a tube and flaunt it at my 25th wedding anniversary party. I don’t think my patients particularly want a saucy-lipped therapist on the other side of the box of Kleenex! Fun post Carol.

  2. pia says:

    I began wearing red lipstick in my 20’s and wore it on and off through my 40’s.
    I always wanted to do cat eyes but my eyes are deep set, and it never worked properly even when professionals tried. They could do it but I was always a “less looks better” person.

    I loved spending hours putting makeup on and taking most of it off before going out. If I had a date with somebody new that was often the highlight of the night.

  3. Anita Irlen says:

    Awesome post, and I mean that. I love that classic look. It comes back and back because it’s so good.


  4. Carol Graham says:

    Love it — always loved it. But with my milky white skin I would look pretty scary so never went there. I know the contrast can certainly be beautiful but it made me look cheap and like a witch

  5. It’s been eons since I’ve done cat eyes, but even then I never did black. Charcoal grey, maybe. I’ve always chosen lipstick color based on what I’m wearing and sometimes it’s red. When I went really light blonde recently I found I liked the red lips with it, but feathering could be an issue. So, I found a liquid lipstick that dries and stays put, even when you put a gloss on top. Revlon, Ultimate Liquid Lipstick. Check it out!

  6. Sandy Nelson says:

    In my 20’s I would spend half of my paycheck every week at the beauty counter. I owned every shade of shadow, eyeliner, “blue” mascara, and lipstick. Blush was called Rouge. Rouge–very French and naughty I think. In the Twiggy era, I painted on those extreme lower lashes with eyeliner.

    Thanks for the lovely memories, Carol.

  7. beth says:

    You think Taylor is gay??? this is new to me

  8. Lana says:

    I would love to wear a red lipstick, but I just don’t think I can pull it off. And you gave me something to think about with Taylor….hmmmm….

  9. I’ve always loved the winged look on the eye. My daughter has this makeup technique down to an art form!

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