Making decisions with the heart

June 24, 2016

Intuition can be a big help in making decisions, especially for empaths. Which I think I might be, because I have always been able to intuitively feel and perceive others, for good or for bad. When I was a kid I could read adults’ minds and it rather scared me, because I thought they could read mine, too. Good thing they couldn’t!

Intuition is something I’ve used unknowingly all these years. Not always, but much of the time. Because I think it can be an invaluable tool–and one that’s very under-estimated– I’ve been reading a lot about how to consciously harness it for decision-making.

I can’t remember where I read this technique but I like it:
Do this enough and you can learn to feel the answer in your body.

This is, of course, easier for empaths, because we are pretty attuned to how we feel about things. The challenge for me, though, is to try to stop my brain from dominating my intuition, because when it comes to making decisions, my brain wants to run the show.  It doesn’t always, as some of my life decisions prove. But it sure gives it a go.

Meditation can help still monkey mind. I’ve yet to be consistent in my own meditation process, but it’s something I am getting more serious about this year because it’s part of the integrated imagery process for my class.

I’m interested in your own decision-making process: head or heart? And are the outcomes different?

41 comments on “Making decisions with the heart
  1. ryder ziebarth says:

    I have learned over the years to trust my intuition, but it took a long time. Often, my intuition was telling me to turn around and take the path I did not want to take, so my brain over rode what my gut told me wisely to do. That journey was long and painful. Now, the journey’s are shorter. Sure, I hem and haw, but eventually make the better call for myself more quickly, less painfully but giving my self the space to listen to my intuition.Giving myself time is key–taking long walks to sort out the fist to heart question and to to sit with both feelings and slowly let them unravel is the process I have stopped fighting and learned to embrace.It’s has made all the difference for me.

  2. Jennifer says:

    In work, I do a lot of “head” decisions, except when it comes to people. My heart tells me if I have someone who has a “skill or will” issue as well as whether the “will” issue is something that can be overcome, or if it’s time to allow someone to learn their biggest lesson by letting them lose their job.

  3. Rev says:

    My intuition radar is set to high and does freak me out sometimes. My first reaction is to make decisions from my heart which looking back has not always served me well. But I have just had to learn to make peace with my choices and learn from them.

  4. I’m not sure that Intuition and the heart go together but I can tell you Intuition is a moving force in much of what I do. I do think I have a sixth sense. When something bad is about to happen I actually get this pain in my throat which has been so on point people in my life groan when I say I feel it.

  5. Peggy says:

    For me it’s about getting quiet – whether on my yoga mat, out walking, or sitting quietly with my journal. I don’t consider myself an empath, but I do know the quieter I get, the more I hear. Nice to meet you from #blogsharelearn!

  6. Leanne says:

    My head usually rules (I’m a very practical person) but if I feel strongly enough about something I’ll go with my gut/heart and see how it pans out. Heart definitely gets involved when it’s matters of family 🙂

  7. Laurie Stone says:

    Its true about the brain getting in the way, but I feel things in my body way before my brain catches on. I believe thats intuition. Great post.

  8. Laurie says:

    My intuition often times has the right answers, but then the heart sneaks in and alternative choices are made. If it’s a choice I can live with then the heart will prevail. However, I’m learning I should listen to intuition more! #BlogShareLearn

  9. My gut usually tells me what to do–if I let it. As others have said, it means allowing myself to be still and quiet. I think I’m fairly evenly split between head and heart, though…I’ll often do a pro-con list when I’m trying to make a big decision. But if my gut says go in a certain direction even if the “pros” suggest the other, more often than not I’ll go with my gut. Thanks for the prompt to actually think about this!

  10. Michelle says:

    I go with my gut! My mother always told me when you get that feeling, go with it. She was right. Just this week I had “the feeling” on a decision I had to make and sure enough, it was the right decision and kept me from losing my mind.

  11. Lee Gaitan says:

    I sometimes have trouble discerning what is truly my intuition and what is my wishful thinking. I used to do a lot of “intuition practice,” and sometimes I was really on and sometimes missed by a mile, but it was good to exercise that muscle. I need to focus on that again. More interesting reads from you, Carol I love it.

  12. Diane says:

    Still struggling. There’s always my first instinct. Then my monkey brain kicks in and talks me out of it. I need to trust myself more!

  13. Michele says:

    I think our intuition is our inner wisdom. I think you are right and we can learn to use it better. I know that mine works best when I am still enough to listen to it! Quiet thinking time, or reflection while reading is my best way to hear my intuition.

  14. tara pittman says:

    I go for long walks and pray about it. Also talking to others helps me too.

  15. I imagine the reason for holding the decision close to your solar plexus is a chakra? I know muscle testing works and that is what I do to test (I go right to my stomach) vitamins etc to see if they are “100% compatible with my body” Intuition is a god given gift meant to be used, trusted and honored. I doubt mine like everyone else, so I try to keep avenues of revelation clear…anxiety, worry, bad feelings toward others, and especially fear keep us away from answers.

  16. I’m the opposite: Too often I let my heart run the show instead of my brain. Which often leads to disappointment. I’m going to try your technique and see if I come up with better results. Thanks, Carol!

  17. Azlin Bloor says:

    I do rely on my gut feeling and it hardly lets me down. Fantastic post!

  18. I’ve written extensively about intuition because for many years I dismissed the concept of actually listening to what my soul had to say. I spent years doing the “sensible” things that made me miserable. It’s tough to take the leap inward and start using our intuition to guide us, but it’s well worth the journey. I’ve found the book “Awakening Intuition” to be incredibly helpful for me. Thanks for this lovely post. I like what you said about feeling the answers in our bodies. The book I mentioned is written by a doctor who says that much of our sickness is our subconscious mind speaking through our bodies. There is so much to learn about the mind-body relationship.

  19. Barbara says:

    I learned to trust my intuition at a very young age. It taught me I have a gift for figuring people out and that has helped me more than I can say in my life. I like your method.

  20. Heather says:

    I think following your intuition is a little different than “following your heart” Following your heart can lead some people to bad places. I have great intuition but I am also logical 🙂

  21. Sarah Bailey says:

    I spent some time not listing to my heart about things and my world went a bit upside down, I know sometimes the head rules, but most definitely we should listen to our intuition as well from time to time. x

  22. I make my decision based on my mind, even if my heart says something else.

  23. The head vs heart decisions seem to be very situation-specific. I usually go with heart – except when I was offered a great seat to Hamilton for a ridiculous price. Head (and pocketbook) won that one!

  24. Shannon says:

    Decisions are so hard and I am not good at making them. My head and heart fight often!

  25. Amy Jones says:

    I’ve never heard of this technique but it sounds interesting. Trusting in your intuition is the best way to proceed

  26. Intuition really gives us a warning. We should trust it when you feel it in your heart.

  27. Pamela Kuhn says:

    My intuition rarely steers me wrong. Even my husband has learned to take notice. Sometimes I get too busy to notice what my heart is saying.

  28. Liz Mays says:

    For me, the struggle seems to be switching off autopilot. I really have to step back and reflect on my decisions.

  29. Caroline says:

    I do trust my intuition a lot. Brought me great things in life.It also kept me away from some bad stuff and people.

  30. Silly Mummy says:

    I think intuition is really important. It’s also fascinating. Like all the really amazing ‘mind readers’ like Derren Brown, who really just use very, very good skills of intuition and suggestion. Or the studies that show situations people have intuitively picked up on and avoided, without even realising.

  31. Nicole Escat says:

    It is always hard to make decisions especially if you are torn between you heart’s choice versus your brain’s choice. Tough decision!

  32. Elizabeth O. says:

    Decision making can be tough for everyone, especially if you’re asked to call the shots all the time and when people are going to be affected. Normally, I sleep on it and weigh all the options before I decide, it takes more time but at least I know I’m making the one that I think will fit the situation the most.

  33. Amanda Love says:

    I think it would be better if you listened to both your heart and your mind to balance it off. Sometimes we really have to think things through before we can decide especially when it’s something big. Intuition definitely plays a key role!

  34. Nancy Hill says:

    I’m all intellect when conscious, but my heart has always ruled… sort of. I trust my dreams and sleep is sacred to me. It is where future and past, heart and soul, body and mind all mix it up.

  35. Kathy says:

    I always try to trust my intuition. It can certainly be hard to make decisions though. I always try to do what my heart tells me. That always seems to be the right decision for me.

  36. Making decisions with the heart is great sometimes, but I feel like that we need to make decisions with our head. Sometimes we need to let our heads rule, no matter what our hearts say. I know it’s tough, but it is necessary sometimes.

  37. Rosemond says:

    I’m all heart and intuition. When I truly listen to my intuition my answers are usually good. I usually get in trouble if I make a decision with my mind. It usually means that I think this is something that “should” be done. I force it and it goes all to hell. I need to trust my intuition more fully. So going to try your decision making exercise! Can’t wait!

  38. Debbie says:

    I think using your head for important decisions is vital, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen to your heart too. Intuition is real, we should pay attention to what it tells us. Thanks for sharing at the Blogger’s Pit Stop.

  39. Echo says:

    I tend to go with my heart and intuition. Perhaps more than I should. I think it really depends on the situation.

  40. Love the message of this post and your blog. Keep rocking on coz I got mad respect for what you do. That quote picture is so thought provoking wow.

  41. Ayesha Heart says:

    I def go for it bec if I didn’t I always regret things. And luckily all were right decisions.

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