Making memories

December 28, 2009

It’s morning in California, I’m sipping a cup of coffee, thinking about the meaning of time and of friendship. 

Here at the home of a friend of 25 years, we’ve been doing a lot of looking back. And laughing. 
We’re 25 years older now. Her kids are grown and have children of their own, who are now getting to the age hers were when I met them.  
Yet all the anecdotes, the episodes, the stories seem like they just happened. That no time at all has passed. 
And yet, we know it has.  
I can remember her daughter’s graduation from high school like it was yesterday. Even what my friend wore. And yet, her daughter is 40 now, with three children of her own. Her own daughter is just seven years from graduation, herself.
We were making memories, back then, although we didn’t really stop to think about it. We just lived. I can’t remember ever looking ahead two decades and thinking that we’d be sitting over lunch or dinner reminiscing about what had just happened. Nor did I think we’d be sitting there with M, telling him all about it.
Pressed flowers in a book. Our old family photo albums. Memories help connect us to something larger than ourselves. They help us see the meaning of our lives, something that’s only evident in retrospect. 
Looking back, it wasn’t always easy. It wasn’t 100 percent fun, although most of it was.  But it was always interesting and has made for some wonderful memories.
I’d go back and do it all again in a heartbeat. Just as it was.

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