Maltipoo Meetup

September 9, 2012

“What’s a group of maltipoos called?” wondered our neighbor, B, as we took Riley to the dog park to frolic with his kind.

“There’s a pod of whales, a murder of crows, so my guess is that a group of maltipoos is called an annoyance,” M. responded.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Lots of fluffy white dogs

I took my precious boy to the local Maltipoo Meetup to burn off some energy. He was the only grey and white maltipoo there. Lots of pure Maltese. It was hilarious. Talk about cute dog photos…

Center stage, above

He was a bit aloof at first.

He didn’t like to start a ruckus (except for barking) but he would join in if it looked particularly good.

Here’s His Nibs on video. The first two tell the story. The only dog barking is…well, yeah.   And the third one? Well, we called that dog “HornDog.” Ok, M. called him “Bill Clinton.”

At first, Riley kept a barky distance.

White fluff overload–at least a dozen Maltese or maltipoos or other Malti mixes. Oh, a beautiful Bichon, too.

Here’s Horndog, below,  hitting on a Maltese intern.

At home, later, Riley collapsed in exhaustion.

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