June 30, 2009

So far this year I’ve moved along a continiuum from things that don’t make sense to things that make perfect sense. An unfamiliar road, but somehow, I knew the way.

I’m used to muscling my way to achieving my goals. The ability to sit back and let things come to me is a new way; a byproduct of FLH’s loving, supportive presence in my life.

For the first time in my life, I’ve been able to sit quietly and watch the Universe manifest. I’ve found that if I sit long enough with something and listen for the message, it comes.

I love my workshop ideas and know I could make a go of them in a big way. But the Universe has told me and my partner clearly that this is not the time. There is no escaping that fact.

The Universe has made clear that I need to be doing something else right now.
That something includes writing.

I’ve considered several books over the years, and even started one five years ago. But this is the first time I’ve clearly seen both the book and the path to it.

I’ve always had lots of creative ideas. I just haven’t had — or taken– the opportunity to execute them. Survival was the priority.

I’m thinking that as soon as we are settled in California, I’m going back to my online writing group.

In that life, I’ll have the ability to take quiet time every day to write. To talk about what I’m writing with FLH. To hear his always unique and interesting take on things.

And maybe even to let the dogs (and cats) inspire me.

I like how FLH has brought order and meaning to my life. But most of all, I like how he’s brought his love and allowed me to access my own ability to love without reservation.

One comment on “Manifesting
  1. Diana Strinati Baur says:

    another thing we have in common. the paths to our books are clearer and clearer.

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